Career & Leadership Coach | facilitator of Powerful learning experiences & engaged teams

  • Networked with other professionals
  • Earned one or more college degrees
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio


Luckily, we humans are profoundly creative.  Every cell of our body receives and emits light.  It is my passion to help others magnify that inner light, connect deeply with their own magnificence and align to strategies for contributing their gifts and leading a meaningful life. This is achieved

Career Timeline

  1. -
    Career Consultant, Right Management

    Career transition and leadership coaching of executives through significant transitions.

    Right Management is the talent and career management expert within Manpower, the world leader in innovative workforce solutions. Our expertise spans Talent Assessment, Leader Development, Organizational Effectiveness, Employee Engagement, and Workforce Transition and Outplacement.

  2. -
    Practice Group Leader, Compassionate Communication (NVC)

    Facilitate group committed to learning and practicing Nonviolent Communication (the work of Marshall Rosenberg:

  3. -
    Founder and Passionate Leadership Coach, The Anderson Rudd Co. Inc.

    We help leaders, teams and organizations thrive in times of change. We coach CEOs, executives and boards for professional and personal success; provide leadership education and executive development; facilitate team and board meetings for successful strategy development and implementation using proprietary and proven protocols in a generative manner dedicated to meeting client needs.

  4. -
    MBA, marketing, Columbia University - Graduate School of Business
  5. -
    BS, Mathematical Statistics, Columbia University - School of General Studies
  6. -
    Beekeeper and Earth-keeping Evangelist, Saugatuck Seabees

    Beekeeper, environmental advocate, manufacturer of nourishing skincare products

  7. -
    Advisory Board College of Mind Body Medicine, Saybrook University
  8. -
    Corporate Trainer, Holt Learning

    Leadership, Management, Communication

  9. -
    Chair, Vistage International (formerly TEC)

    Group and individual leadership coaching of CEOs/owners/presidents

  10. -
    Coaching certification, Ontological Coaching, Newfield Network
  11. -
    Adjunct Professor of Management, Columbia University Graduate School of Business

    Developed entrepreneurship course with Ian MacMillan, taught experientially using Accelerated Learning

  12. -
    Vice President Executive Education and Development, Chase Manhattan Bank

    Education and professional development of the bank's senior officers worldwide

  13. -
    Partner and Consultant, Indevo AB

    International management consulting firm with 150+ consultants worldwide, based in Stockholm.

Experience Highlights

  • Career Consultant
    Right Management
  • Practice Group Leader
    Compassionate Communication (NVC)
  • Founder and Passionate Leadership Coach
    The Anderson Rudd Co. Inc.
  • Beekeeper and Earth-keeping Evangelist
    Saugatuck Seabees

Education Highlights

  • Coaching certification, Ontological Coaching
    Newfield Network
  • MBA, marketing
    Columbia University - Graduate School of Business
  • BS, Mathematical Statistics
    Columbia University - School of General Studies


  • Executive Development
  • Strategy
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership
  • Training
  • Talent Management
  • Personal Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Coaching
  • Employee Engagement
  • Executive Coaching
  • Entrepreneurship
  • MBTI
  • Management Consulting
  • Organizational Effectiveness


Greater New York City Area

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